Ongoing Projects

  • Reading Assistance Programme (Rotary Readers)

    The programme was initiated by the Wanganui Rotary Club in 1997. It operates in 12 Wanganui Primary Schools

    Four “Rotary reader” volunteers are allocated to each school. They attend one morning per week for 2.5 hours and listen to, and assist children on a one to one basis with their reading.That's about 120 volunteer hours every week.

    The response from the children is enthusiastic. Some of the children get little opportunity for similar reading experiences at home.

    Not all the volunteers are Rotary Club members.Other volunteers are recruited on a ‘tap on the shoulder’ basis to ensure suitable people are recruited and so there is a reasonable gender balance of volunteers.


  • Annual Book Fair

    Whanganui Rotary have been running book fairs since 2007. Funds raised go to Club projects and local charities. Books are collected throughout the year with a major drive in the four weeks before the book fair in late February or March. The venue is is a large vacant retail shop. The old Farmers appliance store has been the venue in recent years.

    Books are sorted, priced and displayed in the week before the fair, then there are three or four days of hectic selling.

  • The Food Bank

    The Club has a scheme to assist the Wanganui Food Bank.It is administered by the Club's senior committee

    A table is set up at the door where members enter and are welcomed to the regular Monday meeting. At the table there is a box where members can donate a food item and a basket where they can make a gold coin donation.


    Contributions are taken to the Food Bank at the end of the meeting. Over $35,000 has been contributed since the scheme started


  • Supporting our Community

    Much of the money received from our Fundraising activities go towards supporting our commumity.

    Young people following their dreams, community groups involved in health, youth, welfare etc are usuually chronically underfunded so we help them out


    Here are some recent examples


    Young People

    A girl to Outward Bound

    A boy to the World golf Croquet Championships

    A young man to a 5 day Rotary leadership course

    An ATC cadet to a World event in The Netherlands

    A girl on the Spirit of Adventure

    A UCOL scholarship

    A girl to a national Science Forum

    Five students to Nagaizumi in Japan

     Community Organisations

    Autism Wanganui

    Arthritis NZ

    Heart Foundation

    Community Education Services Wanganui

    Matipo Community Development Trust

    Women's Refuge Wanganui

    City Mission

    Wanganui Medical Foundation

    Hospice Wanganui

    Parkinsons Association

    Wanganui Brain Injury Association

    Jigsaw Wanganui

    Sarjeant Gallery Extension Fund

    Children's Ward Wanganui Hospital

    Plunket Wanganui

    Age Concern Wanganui